Meet the Staff

Debbie Blair – Fiscal Officer

-Debbie works with NEO-RLS’s board, staff, and Executive Director in order to maximize the impact of NEO-RLS’s fiscal resources
-Debbie ensures that NEO-RLS complies with the State’s fiscal and procedural standards for publicly-funded entities
-Debbie develops and maintains relationships with vendors in the NEOSavings/Group Discount program, ensuring that member libraries receive the greatest possible benefits from these relationships
-Debbie manages NEO-RLS’s NEODOCS policy and document database, which serves as a valuable resource for our member libraries

Contact Debbie:

330-655-0531 extension 102
fax: 1-800-373-9594


Melissa Lattanzi – Education and Events Coordinator

-Melissa oversees NEO-RLS’s continuing education events and plans training events that empower and energize library staff, giving them the expertise and vision necessary to make impacts at all levels and in all aspects of library service
-Melissa creates exceptional staff days that are responsive to the needs of our member libraries
-Melissa customizes trainings for member libraries in order to ensure that their most pressing staff development needs are met with an attitude of collaboration, innovation, and expert insight
-Melissa helps libraries plan and implement strategies for long-term institutional success

Contact Melissa:

330-655-0531 extension 103
fax: 1-800-373-9594


Holly Klingler – Research and Innovation Coordinator

-Holly helps member libraries navigate the dynamic world of library and consumer technology by researching technology trends and potential impacts on libraries and library staff
-Holly manages NEO-RLS’s Traveling Technology Lab, which allows libraries to gain hands-on experience with new technologies before making capital investments in those technologies
-Holly keeps staff at member libraries up to date on emerging technology and trends with her video blog and podcast
-Holly trains and presents on indispensable professional skills including body language, critical thinking, and resume development
-Holly is a member of NEO-RLS’s Strategic Planning team

Contact Holly:

330-655-0531 extension 105
fax: 1-800-373-9594


Rachelle Perry – Youth Services Education and Events Coordinator

-Rachelle keeps Youth Services staff skilled and motivated by developing staff trainings and continuing education opportunities that respond specifically to the needs of Youth Services staff at our member libraries
-Rachelle fosters collaborative networks between school library staff and their counterparts at public libraries, which helps to connect communities and facilitate skill-sharing and the development of joint initiatives
-Rachelle saves libraries’ collection money by managing NEO-RLS’s book discussion and video game circuits
-Rachelle shares information on engaging & positive afterschool practices and creates trainings that help member libraries implement these practices
-Rachelle develops and shares storytime skills for all ages

Contact Rachelle:

330-655-0531 extension 104
fax: 1-800-373-9594

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