Interns Wanted!

Where else can you experience an internship that includes:

  • Projects – and work – that’s not “busy work” but that really matters (and that gives you great experience for your resume!)
  • A chance to interact with, network and get to know staff from public, school, college and special libraries
  • An opportunity to meet and work alongside hiring supervisors, branch managers and library directors
  • An option to attend and help facilitate workshops, classes, webinars, staff days and more

NEO’s unpaid internships are indeed unique and full of benefits for you and your resume. Contact NEO today (330-655-0531) to inquire about doing your pre or post graduation internship with us!

Here’s what some former interns have to say about their experiences at NEO…


Cathy and the other staff could not have been more helpful and accommodating. My practicum was truly an awesome, educational ,and inspiring experience! Through my practicum at NEO, I refined my organizational, project management, planning, technology, marketing, and communication skills. I believe that Cathy helped me to understand how to align many of the learning objectives and experiences from my M.L.I.S coursework to the real library world. I was able to expand on the knowledge and skills that I learned in my coursework and put them to work in real life by completing my practicum. My practicum experience helped me to build confidence and prepare me for my future career goals. The experience refined my skills and abilities and was critical to my professional development. I would definitely recommend NEO to other practicum students. There are so many different projects and avenues of learning that could be gained by a practicum at NEO. No matter what concentration area a practicum student is involved in, they can gain valuable skills and experience by working with Cathy Hakala-Ausperk and her staff.


My internship experience at NEO was absolutely invaluable. Not only did I learn an array of essential skills and abilities that have proved crucial for my career development, but I had the amazing opportunity to meet, connect and learn from library staff from all over Northeast Ohio and beyond. I can honestly say it was a pivotal point for my future career and success.



Interning for NEO was one of the best experiences I have had while working on my MLIS. Before I went to NEO, I was working in an Academic library performing various job duties. NEO gave me the chance to see the other side of libraries and the benefits a regional library has for the individuals they serve. I was given the opportunity to learn and grow by participating in staff day, workshops, and I was given my own project to create and develop. I would recommend NEO to any MLIS student looking to put into practice the many skills we are taught through the library program.


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