I Work in a Library Not a Hospital!

Providing Health Information to Library Customers
Wednesday, July 19th @ Akron-Summit County Public Library

Medical questions are among the most dreaded at any public library service desk – how do I ask for more information without prying (and, how do I avoid getting way too much information)?What’s my best place to start? What databases and books do I need in my library, and how do I use them?  How do I know a website contains reliable information? What if I just can’t find the answer?

Discover the reference desk basics for answering your customers’ medical questions in this hands-on program , where (and how) to draw the line, and when and where to refer your patients, whoops, customers.

Monique Mason
, Manager, Science & Technology Division, Akron-Summit County Public Library
Monique is also a member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals of the Medical Library Association and currently serves as the secretary of the Ohio Health Sciences Libraries Association.
Kelli Nikola, Librarian, Science & Technology Division, Akron-Summit County Public Library
Kelli teaches patrons how to search for evidence-based health information and maintains the Health Information Center print collection.  She has a Consumer Health Information Specialist, Level II certificate from the Medical Library Association.

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