Consulting Services

consulting 2We’ll meet your needs, whatever they are.

In a time of rapid change, when budgets are under stress, libraries are looking for help that is delivered as efficiently and as affordably as possible. That’s why so many libraries are turning to NEO-RLS. We offer a variety of consulting services that will help you solve problems, save time, energize your staff, and bring action to your vision.

  • Strategic Planning

    Getting the process started and keeping it on track to meet your objectives; defining long-term goals and a framework for achieving them.


    Balanced Planning That Works!Create a strategic plan that works, by combining tried and true, traditional planning tools with elements of The Balanced Scorecard. This planning model is effective, takes less time and involves everyone from your community members to the Board, management and staff of your library. Your Planning Team will be trained to continually monitor and report progress – and remove roadblocks. Create a balanced strategic plan that works for your library.

    Comment from Andrew Mangels, Director, Westlake Porter Public Library:

    “[NEO] has done a superlative job leading Westlake Porter Public Library through the Balanced Scorecard strategic planning process.  She attended a library board meeting and gave a succinct but compelling description of the process and how we, as an organization would benefit from using this tool.  The Balanced Scorecard is an excellent opportunity to engage the entire library and community.  With the staff of NEO-RLS as our consultant, we look forward to completing a timely, relevant and measurable plan.”

    NEO-RLS has created plans over the past couple of years for many libraries, including Burton Public Library, Westlake Porter Public Library, Orrville Public Library, Warren-Trumbull County Public Library, Ritter Public Library, Mansfield-Richland County Public Library, Kirtland Public Library, Euclid Public Library and Wayne County Public Library.

    Contact any of those directors to hear how NEO-RLS’s system and planners can work for you bringing their industry knowledge and experience to bear on the process.  Call today for more information, 330-655-0531.

  • Communication

    Strategies to maximize the impact of both internal and external marketing
  • Technology

    Acquisition, implementation and management of technology as well as problem solving
  • Director Search

    Navigating the recruiting, search, evaluation, and hiring processes to find the perfect leader for your library.


     Working together with your board or hiring committee, we will help you:

    • Create a profile of your perfect new director
    • Determine the qualities, characteristics and experience they’ll need
    • Write an ad that will attract the right candidates
    • Create interview questions to assist you in your search
    • Promote your library throughout the process
    • Assist you in constructing an offer for the right person
    • Offer services to assure your new director’s success with orientation, goal setting and evaluation plans that work

    Take a look at a more complete description of our process, then contact us today by calling the director at 330-655-0531 for more information.

  • Team Building

    How can you facilitate inter-departmental cooperation to achieve your public service goals?
  • Management

    Creating systems and procedures to ensure the best customer service and to manage scarce resources
  • Grant Writing and Review

    We’ll help you write or review grants in order to save you time and provide you with opportunities to acquire needed funds
  • Leadership

    Skills assessment and practical methods to improve leadership ability for library professionals at any level
  • Staff Days

    Let NEO-rls take the worry and work out of planning your Staff Development Day. You tell us what your staff would like to learn and we’ll make all the arrangements – and keep your costs down, too!
  • Tailor-Made Training

    NEO-RLS will develop a plan to meet your library’s specific needs


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