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Book Discussion Circuits from NEO-RLSBook Discussion:

Whether your library currently has a book discussion group or you are thinking about starting one for the first time, let the Northeast Ohio Regional Library System Book Discussion Program help. When you subscribe to our book discussion program, you will receive twelve book sets per year.  You may also subscribe to more than one set if you have multiple book discussion groups. After you subscribe, you will have the ability to select and reserve titles on our website. We have over 200 titles to choose from with a mix of fiction, non-fiction, biographies, historical fiction and bestsellers.   Titles and brief descriptions are included on the website.  Each set includes 12 books and 10-20 new titles are selected annually for purchase by a group of representatives from the libraries that subscribe to this service.  Additionally, many of our books come with discussion questions and background information.  Use our program to start your own book discussion group, measure interest in starting a group in your community, or supplement your collection due to growing attendance without having to purchase multiple copies of titles and store them in-house.  Pricing varies depending upon Membership level.




Video Game Circuit: Video Game Circuits from NEO-RLS

To help the region’s libraries adapt their collection development to meet the needs of an ever-changing materials
market, we developed a Video Game Circuit. Each subscription includes one bin of approximately 20 games that is refreshed every 3 months for a total of 4 different bins per year.  Each bin contains a mix of titles, with ratings ranging from E for Everyone to M for Mature. Circulation of titles within the kit is at the discretion of individual libraries. We have collections for a variety of current gaming consoles and platforms including WiiU and PS4 games.  Use our program to start your own video game collection or to augment your current collection without having to purchase games and store them in-house.  Pricing varies depending upon Membership level.

Try one of our circulating collection circuits by contacting Rachelle Perry or by calling us at 330-655-0531!

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