Career Center @ NEO

Career Center @ NEO

Welcome to the Career Center @ NEO! Whether you are beginning your job search, investigating careers and organizations, or seeking information about internships, NEO can serve as an excellent resource, providing you with a variety of services.

It is our goal to use this page to keep college students and staff updated with important news and information. Please check out each of the links on the top of this page. You should find the answers to many of your questions there!

Mission Statement

The Career Center @ NEO empowers students to optimize their professional and life potential through career exploration, experiential learning, and connections with employers and opportunities.


Getting Started

The Career Center @ NEO provides exceptional career and technical education to students and library professionals throughout Northeast Ohio, and we are proud to invite you to learn more about the many possibilities and opportunities that the Career Center offers! We’re passionate about providing the best career and technical education possible in our friendly, high-tech environment.

So what can the Career Center @ NEO do for you? There’s more than you might think!

Following are some of the services that NEO offers:


Are you working on your resume/cover letter?

The resume showcases your accomplishments and skills as well as your education.  A good resume and cover letter gets you in the door for an interview. Have your resume reviewed and receive tips & tricks by our career expert Holly Klingler! Holly is available to meet with students one-on-one to help address career concerns, explore career options and assist with job and internship search preparation.

1Contact NEO at (330-655-0531) or email Holly Klingler to set up an appointment at our office.


Check out NEO’s events!

NEO offers Career Days twice a year. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about different companies and industries, network with prospective employers, and search for internships and jobs. Our next Career Day will be in December so keep a lookout for more information!

Join our Library Career Development Series!

March 17– LCD Series: Libraries Then & Now

March 31– LCD Series: Intellectual Freedom

April 20– LCD Series: Working as a Team: Where do I Fit?

June 2– LCD Series: Your Culture Your Career


Internship Opportunities

internships button

The Career Center helps connect SLIS students with employers in the field of library and information science. An internship can be a great way for students to develop professional skills while simultaneously contributing value to your organization.

By joining NEO as an intern, you’ll take your education and experience to the next level. We’re talking real-world projects, training programs and everything you need to launch your career!

To apply for an internship at NEO email your resume and a list of career goals to Holly Klingler at


Want to strengthen your networking skills?

Networking is the process of developing professional relationships and partnerships that support you as you explore and pursue your career goals. It is one of the most effective ways to gain career-related information and identify new opportunities.

“MENTOR ON CALL”, a simple listing of people willing to be mentors and their email addresses. Anyone, whether they want a career-long mentor or just a quick answer to their question, can use MENTOR ON CALL to find a person with the right background and connect directly to them.

Want to know more about Networking? Email Holly Klingler and check out the events calendar to learn about future networking events!


What can I do with NEO’s resources?    

The Career Center @ NEO houses career information handy for students to peruse. This includes a collection of reference books that contain information on occupational exploration, resume writing, interviewing, and more.

Stop in and check out what NEO has to offer!


How can we make this page better?

Thank you for visiting The Career Center @ NEO webpage!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email Holly Klingler at

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