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In a time of rapid change, when budgets are under stress, libraries are looking for help that is delivered as efficiently and as affordably as possible. That’s why so many libraries are turning to NEO-RLS. We offer a variety of consulting services that will help you solve problems, save time, energize your staff, and bring action to your vision.

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CE at NEO-RLS: Local. Collaborative. Member-Based.

Continuing Education and Training Days from NEO-RLS

At NEO-RLS, we’re constantly working with member libraries and partner organizations to develop and deliver the relevant, responsive, and cost-effective continuing education opportunities that are essential to our mission.

Because NEO-RLS works locally, plans collaboratively, and responds to the needs of its member institutions, we are able to provide continuing education that delivers immediate value for library staff and the communities they serve. Below is a list of upcoming CE opportunities, both in-person and online. We update this page frequently, so check back often in order to stay informed of upcoming opportunities, or click here to register for a continuing education event now and to view the full calendar.

You’re not going to want to miss any of our upcoming CE opportunities!


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NEO-RLS  offers three paid membership levels, which are available for purchase at any point during our fiscal year at a pro-rated price. All libraries in the region are automatically granted geographic member status; however, unlike our three paid membership levels, geographic membership does not provide discounts on NEO-RLS services.

By joining as a paid member, your library will save on our core continuing education and consulting services as well as technology demos, staff day planning, and collection sharing. Discover the cost savings of paid membership by reviewing our complete list of services.

Contact us to discuss membership benefits and cost savings or click here to become a member now.



Public library membership in NEO is based on your library’s total FTE and on minimum/maximum restrictions. For cost estimates specific to your library, please see our most recent list of estimated membership costs for all Geographic member libraries.

GOLD Membership ($125/FTE) provides FREE continuing education and a 75% discount on consulting services.

SILVER Membership ($100/FTE) provides a 60% discount on all events, services, and consulting.

BRONZE Membership ($75/FTE) provides a 40% savings on all events, services, and consulting.

Here is a  list of current public library membership levels.



Academic, School and Special libraries can become GOLD Members for the flat rate fee of $250 per year.


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The Northeast Ohio Regional Library System serves multitype libraries in 22 counties across the region. Nearly 30 libraries from our region are directly represented by staff and directors on our Board, Committees and Advisory Groups, making NEO-RLS the largest and most inclusive organization for inter-library cooperation, consultation, and resource sharing in the region.


At NEO-RLS, we believe that flexibility and collaboration are critical dimensions of service, given the diversity of needs, resources, and long-term goals of the libraries we serve. Because of this, NEO-RLS’s 2016 Strategic Plan highlights our continuing commitment to provide responsive and innovative services for the region’s libraries and to facilitate the cultivation of expertise through continuing education, staff day planning, and strategic consulting. Contact us today to learn how we can support your staff, your patrons, and your library in meeting your organization’s goals!


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